Here it is [repost November 2007]

My thoughts about leaving Bethany, 1 year later.



A new blog entry. It’s a lot like cream spinach: totally undesireable but if you’re hungry, I guess it’ll have to do.

I’ve been sitting and waiting a lot recently. I just came of a 4-week long substitute teaching stretch where, every day, I worked with autistic children aged 8-10. Four children were under my care: the lad who slashed a teacher’s eyeball (that’s how I got the job in the first place), the young man who is afraid of animals to an extent that the Halloween trip to the pumpkin patch resulted in (1) his wetting his pants and (2) screeching fits (a la Rain Man not boarding the plane). There was the kid who who talked nonstop about YuGiOh (he asked me every 15 minutes or so if I thought Pegasus was a good guy — beats the heck outta me), and finally the kid who thinks that wiping spit, snot or poo on his teachers is the height of comedy (he “tagged” the principal and got suspended for 2 days).

All that to say I enjoyed this job immensely more than I had anytime at Bethany in the last 5 years. See the picture above. See how happy Johnny Depp is?? We’re kindred souls.

Well that job is over. I haven’t been employed fulltime since *last* October when I told the president that fine institution of higher education to kiss my pasty white butt (and here’s hoping that the rest of the faculty (except Rose Warren, for obvious reasons) did the same this week. I don’t want to be a librarian anymore when I grow up. Is it possible to feel that the last 15 years were the wrong direction, and not have your spouse disembowel you?

I want to teach little kids. I would rather be slithering in gallons of feces than move another journal, add another book, fight another dean or provost. Every day I leave an elementary school, I return home *happy*. I don’t remember the last time this has happened – and this despite the fact that I interact with human beings (oh the horror!) all day long.

So here I am, applying for an assistant manager position at Books-A-Million (a regional Borders wannabe – interview is Friday), and biding my time. Hopefully I can change track and be happy in my home *and* in my career, huh?



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